Sterling Silver Jewellery Made With Real Crystals & Stones Sterling Silver Jewellery Made With Real Crystals & Stones
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A Lil’ Piece of Magick

Incorporating our favourite influences from mythology, literature & history. Combined with the bewitching beauty of silver.
Made from real crystals & stones, created by Mother Nature herself. ✨


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Our Spring Witchy Reading List:

Selene Jewellery Sterling Silver Real Crystal Jewellery Witchcraft Reading List

To celebrate the start of spring, we’ve put together a list of books, magazines and poetry that will enchant and entertain you & hopefully extend your witchy knowledge! We recommend reading these wrapped up in a blanket in your garden, your balcony or the park. Wherever you can watch nature unfolding and awakening from its long winter hibernation. Make a pot of tea, or pack a thermosflask of coffee and deep dive into some magical literature!

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